Presentation explanation.

After creating our website we did a ten minute presentation to our peers and tutors. The presentation explained each webpage and why things were there and what everything meant. We also delved into our background research, how we came up with the slogan and why we have the squirrel as our mascot. We explained how we planned to develop our website further and other things such as adverts and competitions, given more time, that we would create. I feel the presentation went well and the feedback we had was very helpful. 

Our Feel Good website - Page four.

On the fourth page of the website there are links to exterior websites, these are; their Facebook page, Twitter page and their actual Feel Good website itself. The squirrel is considerably larger on this page, than is was on the other three and is holding up a sign which has all three of these webpages on. 

Again the Feel Good drink sign is up in the corner to link you right back to the home page. This page is the simplest out of the four as we wanted to make sure you knew what the important pages were. 

We stuck with a silhouette for the squirrel and the sign again, therefore not distracting you for the important information yet still bold enough to make them noticeable. 

The background is the same continuos rainbow background that was in the others and neatly but cutely ends the website we have created.

Our Feel Good website - Page three.

For this page we have the squirrel running around the outside of the page. Every time the cursor rolls over one squirrel the next squirrel appears and the one before disappears. This loops all around the outside of the page. The image moving around the border creates a fun factor for the website and will appeal to a younger demographic.

Originally what was going to happen was, that as you roll the mouse over the squirrel it begins to run around the edge of the page, as it does a full circle and reaches its starting point it changes to a button, linking to the next page. We changed this idea as having the squirrel on a continuous loop worked better when keeping the younger children involved so therefore we created a separate button for you to click to reach the next page of the website.

All of the elements on this page appeal to younger people, so we included a ‘create your own doodle’ section as well, similar to what the original website does. This helps children feel more involved by being able to interact with and explore the website themselves.

The logos/images on the page promote recycling and the fact that the drinks have no added sugar helping to promote their healthy image.

Once again the background is the same, keeping continuity throughout.

Our Feel Good website - Page two.

On the second page we included more information about the drink itself and the five main rules that Feel Good promote with all of their drinks that they sell, these are;

  • Feel Good drinks are always sweetened with fruit, not sugar.
  • Every drink is 100% natural, with no artificial nasties.
  • All drinks are available in still and sparkling.
  • If you drink good, feel good.
  • Every bottle is one of your five a day.

The same squirrel from the home page was also included but was just placed on the page in a different position. As well as linking this page to the next, it also keeps all the pages looking similar. We kept the same background from the home page to keep consistency of the brand throughout all of the pages.

We have included different Feel Good products on each page to show that they have a large variety of products to suit different demographics of people. The drinks that are on this page are the older selection of drinks. We have a lot of information about what is in the drink so we felt that having the drink thats aimed at the older target audience was most appropriate for this page.

Our Feel Good website - Page one.

For the background, we decided that using one block colour would simply be too boring and would not stand out at all. We therefore decided we wanted to create a rainbow but a rainbow that used different colours, rather than the original; red, yellow, blue, green, we decided we wanted to use the colours of their top five Feel Good drinks. The rainbow was created on Photoshop and we carefully picked out the exact colours to match what we wanted. This made the background a lot more and cheerful which is what they were looking for and at the same time incorporate their drinks. Additionally the Feel Good website also features a rainbow, although it is different colours the reason for it being there seems similar to ours.

On top of this, we used created a silhouette of our chosen animal, the squirrel, drinking Feel Good drink from a silhouette of a tap. The reason for using a silhouette rather than normal images is that the black against the coloured background stands out more, therefore creating a bold statement which is automatically more eye catching. 

As the squirrel is basically our Feel Good mascot, we decided to make it the link from one page to the next. By doing this, the website becomes more interactive and makes the target audience feel more involved. The squirrel is also slightly animated in the fact that when you roll the mouse over the top of it, it slightly leans back and looks up at the drink. By rolling the mouse over the squirrel, your cursor also changes the arrow to the pointing finger, automatically showing you that there is something there for you to click on and shows that there is more to this website than meets the eye. 

In one certain area on all of the webpages we have created, we have placed the Feel Good drinks logo. This logo when rolled over by the cursor turns from an arrow into a pointing finger. The Feel Good logo when clicked on will always lead you back to the home page, which is something they did on their own website that we felt we should keep the same.

"If only Feel Good drinks were on tap…"

We needed to come up with some ideas for the first page of our website as this was the most important to make people want to look into what we were selling. A couple of ideas we had were:

  • To have loads of taps spraying out different flavours of Feel Good drinks.
  • A small animal drinking from a giant tap with Feel Good drinks coming out of it.
  • A lake with a giant plug in it with Feel Good drinks flowing down the drain.
  • Rain falling down the page, showers of Feel Good drink.
  • A bath full of Feel Good drink.
  • A fountain of Feel Good drink in the centre of the page.


We decided that we needed a slogan that matched our chosen small animal but also want the audience to buy the product in question. The top three that came out on top were: 

  • "If only Feel Good drinks were on tap…"
  • "Feel good about Feel Good."
  • "Fresh, friendly and Feel Good."

The one that we finally decided upon was the original slogan that we created; “If only Feel Good drinks were on tap…” as we felt we could play with many ideas when working with this slogan more than the others that we came up with.

Survey on things that make people happy.

Sticking with the idea that we wanted to keep it feeling lighthearted and fun we decided to do a survey on what the general public liked the most and what made them happy. After asking a variety of people from small children to the elderly we found out that the most popular was small animals/pets such as cats, dogs, rabbits.

With this idea in mind, we started looking all over the internet for animals that we felt were the cutest and would be appropriate for what we wanted to create. We didn’t want to go with the conventional cat or dog as it wouldn’t be unique and referring back to the brief they said ‘uniqueness’ is something they were looking for.

We decided in the end that our final animal was to be a squirrel. A friendly but, not so talked about creature, that people of all ages get slightly excited about when they see in everyday life. We’ve decided, we want to make the squirrel a theme that continues throughout the entire website. 

Some ideas for our website.

After looking at the background research we decided to go with the creative way of thinking and designing rather than the more visual, obvious way. We felt working with the more informal side of things made more sense as the company itself are very laid back and in the brief the words “keep it fun” were used. As this was said in the brief, we decided to take some of the aspects from the website itself, such as; having to search through the website to find hidden links and certain secret buttons to link you to other pages, the bright colours and some of the doodles from the ‘create your own doodle page’.

More background research - Feel Good.

Finally, we checked out the current official website for Feel Good and worked out what current methods they used to keep audiences coming back and special things they did to promote their drinks. We found out where it is sold and what the different types of products they had were. By doing this, we were able to stick to their brand but also create something different and unique with our own website.